Michael R. Steel, Partner

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Michael R. Steel, Partner
216.621.2234, Ext. 123

Practice Areas
Patent preparation and prosecution in electronics, computer, telecommunications, and business method technologies.

Mr. Steel specializes in intellectual property issues in the electronic and computer technologies.  A main focus of his practice relates to preparing and prosecuting patent applications with an emphasis on computer software.  His patent prosecution experience extends to all phases of PCT applications as well as leveraging long-term relationships with agents and associates to secure patent protection worldwide.

    B.S. in Electrical Engineering, The University of Cincinnati, 2000
    J.D., The University of Akron, School of Law, 2005

    State of Ohio, 2005; and
    Registered before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 2005

Professional Affiliations:
    American Bar Association
    Ohio Bar Association